Sonal Gandhi

Sonal Gandhi began designing handbags in 2004. Every one of her bags is designed to pay homage to the ancient art of classical Indian bead work, which dates back five millennia. Steeped in this rich tradition, each of Sonal's purses are hand beaded twice with over 4000 beads per bag. Her intricate designs are a labor of love, guided by her desire to keep a beautiful art form alive. Using only natural elements - semi precious stones, feathers, wood, and gold - her purses are truly one of a kind.

Sonal spent much of her early adulthood in India studying Bharat Natyam, an Indian classical dance. Her studies brought Sonal closer to her Indian roots and gave her a deep appreciation for expressing herself while at the same time maintaining the strict boundaries of an ancient art form. Her design aesthetic was deeply influenced by this experience, and, with each bag, Sonal strikes a balance between her creativity and honoring the centuries of Indian artisans that came before her.